2018 Photography Goals

I interrupt the Alaskan Cruise updates to say Happy New Year!

In 2017 I had challenged myself to get out and be behind the lens more and I think I accomplished that but the problem I saw as I started looking back through the year is not many of my outings had a specific image or goal behind them.  I think the challenge I have for myself is continue to spend time behind the lens but look to be more intentional about what I am going out to capture.  I do think most days last year my intention was to capture a sunrise shot but that is pretty generic.  What is the sunrise shot I want to capture?  Realistically it's like every other photographer that goes out which is to capture an image that has that "wow" factor that draws people into the photo and feeds the creative mind by showing appreciation for it via social media or other means. 

So 2018 I am still going to go out randomly and shoot sunrises with the intention of capturing that perfect sunrise but I also am going to spend some intentional time this year chasing an image vs creating an image from just random happenstance. 

Enjoy the new year, blessings to all of you and get out their and shoot!

Larry McCormick1 Comment