Early mornings in Washington DC

Sunrises are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to shoot, maybe it's the sunflare or maybe it's just the peacefulness of being only one of the few people crazy enough to be up at that time of day.  This time of year it is even a little more difficult as sunrise is so early in the morning but that has not stopped me the last two days! 

One of the things I am setting out to do is try and shoot a time lapse twice a month because I really do like the content that they can add for videos or just standalone to show off a location.  Now I just have to find the formula that works best for the way I shoot and with the equipment that I use because I still want to keep my kit down to a minimum so not carrying extra wired triggers around for the camera and using the internal app on the Sony's that has some limitations.

Anyway, enough talk let me show you pretty things.